Patron Information

Club Dress Standards

  • NO immodest clothing
  • NO garments displaying offensive material
  • NO mens singlets or tank tops
  • NO dirty, torn or untidy clothing
  • NO headwear
  • NO football type shorts
  • NO bare feet or thongs
  • No Hi-Vis uniforms/garments


When visiting the club you will need to provide in date proof of address with photo ID.

Proof of Age

The club may ask for a NSW RTA Photo Card if:

  • you do not hold a drivers license
  • you do not hold a passport
  • you do not have any other suitable identification


The Registered Clubs Act provides that a guest must at all times remain in the reasonable company of the member who signs them into the club and a guest must not remain in the club premises longer than the member who signed the guest into the club.

5km Radius

If you live within 5km you must either be a member of the club, be signed in by a member as their guest or provide proof of membership of another bowling club.

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