Sustainability Initiatives

Help us neutralise our carbon footprint and create a greener future.

It’s no secret that Oak Flats Bowling & Recreation Club are committed to caring for our environment.

In August 2012, the Club became the first club in Australia to be certified Carbon Neutral, under the Australian Government's National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS), by Low Carbon Australia. As a result, the club joined an exclusive group of approximately 30 Australian businesses certified as Carbon Neutral, under the NCOS, including Qantas, ANZ Bank and GPT Group.

Renew your membership and add a $1 Carbon offset to help us neutralise our carbon footprint. We will match your $1 contribution and ensure that we purchase sufficient carbon offsets for the club to become carbon neutral.

Carbon offset credits are produced by renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, or through the planting of trees. Carbon offsets can be purchased by companies or individuals to invest in projects like these that otherwise would not go ahead without the funding the offset provide.

Carbon offset projects make sure that less greenhouse gases are emitted, or that greenhouse gases are removed from the planet’s atmosphere. In addition to reducing carbon emissions the quality carbon offsets that we intend to purchase will also provide additional co-benefits to the communities where these projects are developed.

To renew your membership, simply visit our friendly Reception staff.

Your membership with a $1 Carbon offset will really help us create a greener future.

Oak Flats Bowling & Recreation Club – ‘Sustainability’

Oak Flats Bowling & Recreation Club occupies a leadership role within the Club Industry, engaging with staff, local business and the community to fulfil a range of sustainability initiatives that align with the Club’s vision and goals.

A broad range of projects and initiatives have been undertaken at the Club, with each collectively contributing to significant cost savings, reduced environmental impact and an enhanced connection with the wider community.

In particular, staff engagement has been integral in driving a cultural shift towards sustainability and has seen the development of a Staff Garden, formalised community volunteering, sustainability pledges, and rewards that even extend to achievements within the household.

Staff Engagement programs and initiatives are guided by the Club’s Staff Engagement Action Plan (SEAP) which embraces the mission ‘To engage the Board and Staff to become genuine environmental champions and as such achieve the Club goals and objectives’.

Sustainability is driven by the Club’s seven-member Sustainability Team, composed of staff members from a cross-section of the Clubs operations, such that input is gained from all areas of operation and staff are actively learning new skills to be adapted to future functions and roles.

The boost in productivity and the enthusiasm of staff is hard to miss and the reductions achieved in resource consumption have acted in reducing the bottom line.

In December 2012, the club commissioned a new centralised Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, including installation of an awning along the north-facing Sports Bar window to reduce heat load. The upgrade included the replacement of existing air cooled packaged units with built up type chilled / hot water air handling units. The project represents a $650,000 commitment to reduce energy consumption, and is estimated to minimise electricity consumption by 14% and greenhouse gas emissions by 115 tonnes per annum.

The Club has installed an enclosure to house 44 chickens, which resulted in 100% of food waste being processed on site. The processed food waste (manure) is utilised as organic fertiliser in the Club’s Staff Garden and the eggs, of which the Club produces approximately 150 per week, are utilised within the Club’s food service areas.

Other notable achievements include;

  • Club-wide lighting retrofit to energy efficient technology
  • Installation of a synthetic bowling green
  • Installation of a total of 185,000L of rainwater harvesting tank capacity installed for green and landscape irrigation, toilet flushing and washing machine use.
  • Renovations within the Brassiere addressed sustainability principles within the design, such as natural lighting, ventilation and materials utilised.

If you would like to learn about how you can be more sustainable within your household, we recommend you visit 

Alternatively we welcome your enquiries, and for businesses that would like to take a closer look at how sustainability has positively transformed the Club’s operations, site tours are also available upon request.

Oak Flats Bowling & Recreation Club is a Gold Member of the Sustainability Advantage Program and is proudly mentored and supported by Rana Environmental



Conservation Volunteers

Oak Flats Bowling and Recreation Club (OFBRC) have partnered with Conservation Volunteers Australia as a community networking partner.   

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