Information for EOI for PMCA Role


5 July 2019



The Oak Flats Bowling & Recreational Club (incorporating the Illawarra Yacht Club) are seeking expression of Interests from suitable firms to carry out Project Management and Contract Administration roles of future redevelopment opportunities at its two sites in Oak Flats and Warrawong.


This redevelopment will see a new Club facility at Oak Flats on a site yet to be identified in the current precinct. At the Warrawong site the investigation will centre on of future development opportunities.


PMCA duties will include but not be limited to the following


  1. 1.    . Initial Business case models
  2. 2.       Co-ordination and technical advice for the engagement of consultants and contractors for works to be completed.
  3. 3.       Engaged to perform the full range of duties of a project manager, and these included facilitating, assisting and being involved in the procurement of the building contractor and the building contract (including but not limited to Architectural, Building Engineering, Planning, Lead contractors, Quantity Surveyors).
  4. 4.       Act as the interface and liaison between Club Board Directors, CEO and engaged parties through the co-ordination of PMCA meetings, establishment of communication strategies and procedures, daily contract administration.


The PMCA will be directly engaged by the Club to act on its behalf in the co-ordination and delivery of works. Physical construction works are to be undertaken by a head contractor through a lump sum model. The PMCA will not be novated to the head contractor. It should be noted works will not be undertaken by a letter of intent at any stage.


Should your company wish to express an interest to carryout PMCA duties please provide by COB Friday 2 August 2019 the following (addressed to the CEO):

·         Understanding of and approach to delivering the services described above including; methodology of how you would go about works; key issues and risks; project specific issues; understanding of project scope; understanding of the work requirements; Weighting – 30%

·         Proposed resources: Key personnel, CV’s, location, time dedication to project, past experience delivering projects in the Illawarra region (include supplier / contractor relationship); Weighting – 30%

·         Referees of similar type work (10%)

·         Proposed rates (30%).


Evaluation will be completed based on the above, with two short listed companies identified to progress to the second stage of negotiation. It should be noted that the firm engaged for PMCA duties will not be allowed to tender or supply works for any further works associated with this project.


Change in Key staff during EOI process and negotiations may invalidate firms.


ONLY one firm will be identified to complete the works.


For further information please contact the CEO Matt OHara on ph: 42561444




The Board

Oak Flats Bowling & Recreation Club Ltd